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And hopefully insect portraits. Lot of those soon.
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In 24 hours, Scotland votes its fate. I’m still not convinced it is a brilliant, practical, fiscally responsible move. I think nations like the Cherokee and Tibet have much better claims. Nevertheless, let’s see what happens. Best of luck and fingers crossed for a smooth transition. 

The Price of Scottish Independence:

The 9 Newest Countries on Earth:

Last Week Tonight w/ John Oliver:

And, just in case any of you pro-Confederate holdouts get any ideas, NO. Absolutely not. The empire will crush you. That is all.

Its official. This is the worst poem about Star Trek in the entire universe. 

Trekspertise is an educational exploration of science fiction through the medium of Star Trek. 

In this episode, the urge to reboot the Star Trek Franchise: How has Star Trek worked to fix in-universe continuity errors and what can be done going forward to resist hitting the reset button. 

Research is mine. Images, video clips and websites are credited at the end of the video. Please feel free to leave a comment, but keep it civil. Also, feel free to ask any questions you might have regarding Star Trek. 

13 years. 

Ever wonder just how deep Star Trek goes? Do you spend your time thinking about the Trek multiverse? Hi. My name is Kyle and this is Trekspertise, where we discuss all things Trek.

This episode of Trekspertise talks about Native Americans in Star Trek. How are they represented, what does that representation mean and how does it connect with the rest of the Trek multiverse?


Some of you have a favorite celebrity. Well, so do I. Except its not human and - here’s the kicker - its address is quite literally out of this world.  

"There are 3.7 million unregistered blacks and 4 million unregistered Hispanics and Asian Americans in the “Black Belt” region of the American South. According to Center for American Progress Senior Fellow Ben Jealous, this is an enormous source of untapped political power."

"But no matter which political party they favor, the very fact that they are voting at all would impact the political dynamics in each state"

Can you imagine? I don’t really care what your politics are, as long as EVERYONE VOTES. That’s the most important thing. 

Original summary:

How voter suppression occurs strongest where minorities live:

Fight against voter suppression lands in Birmingham:

"The Millennials are our youngest adult generation. They’re America’s most racially and ethnically diverse generation ever. More than four-in-ten are non-white, many the U.S.-born children of the big wave of Hispanic and Asian immigrants who began arriving half a century ago.

They’re political and social liberals, they’re social media wizards, they’re highly educated, they’re not very religious, they’re slow to marry and have kids, and many are saddled with college debt and lousy jobs. Because of their difficulties getting launched in a tough economy, 46% have at some point boomeranged back to their childhood homes, where the refrigerator is stocked, the washing machine isn’t coin-operated, and all their dreams are on hold, but intact. Despite these economic woes, Millennials are the nation’s most dogged optimists. They believe their own best days are ahead – and so are America’s.”

Fascinating look at demographic transformation that is underway in the United States, comparing it to previous generations of Americans. Check it out here: