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Thank you, Mr. Sputnik. You will never know how big a noise you made. You gave us a shock which hit many people as hard as Pearl Harbor. You hit our pride a frightful blow. You suddenly made us realize that we are not the best in everything. You reminded us of an old-fashioned American word, humility.

You woke us up out of a long sleep.

You made us realize a nation can talk too much, too long, too hard about money. A nation, like a man, can grow soft and complacent. It can fall behind when it thinks it is Number One in everything. Comrade Sputnik, you taught us more about the Russians in one hour than we had learned in forty years.

"Thank You, Mr. Sputnik", Gabriel Heatter/January 1958 (via demons)

(via boomslovingthealien)

Forty-five years ago, the United States proved, in a fit of nationalistic glory born out of petty tribal rivalries, that humanity is capable of absolutely anything we put to our collective minds. Thanks to the windless lunar surface, boot prints by Americans Neil Alden Armstrong and Edwin Eugene Aldrin, Jr. still stand (and will stand for thousands of years) as a monument to the possible and as a testament to the will power of the human species. 

While media outlets and individuals talk up this significant anniversary today, I’ll remind everyone that we are not done. Mars awaits us more strongly than any birthright we’ve ever claimed. The planet is calling to us, daring us to wade through our dithering and our bickering. 

It is time to make Mars a human home. 

First space selfie?

Buzz Aldrin. Gemini 12. 1966.
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My second favorite “continent”. 


Possible Clay-Rich Terrain in Southern Eberswalde Crater

Beautiful. Mesmerizing, really. 

Current and former places that use/used the name “United States”, via redditor Fweepi. Looks like its just us and Mexico. 

Of course, Unions are on the rise.


Holy smokes, look who was on with Stephen last night!

-Jody, BL Show-

The Death of English slash It’ll be OK

"Once you have things in your pocket that can receive that message, then you have the conditions that allow that we can write like we speak. And that’s where texting comes in. And so, texting is very loose in its structure. No one thinks about capital letters or punctuation when one texts, but then again, do you think about those things when you talk? No, and so therefore why would you when you were texting?" - John McWhorter

I’ve posted this up before because it’s fascinating. I bring it back up because those of us who assume the death of English is imminent, new research is showing that texting is being associated with better literacy skills. Researchers in the UK actually found the use of texting shorthand might be related to improvements in spelling and grammar. 

Condensed News of the research with links is here in a separate video by Discovery News:

And be sure to take a look at John McWhorter’s TED Talk about what texting actually is, linked below (hint: its NOT writing). 

"This other Deep South, with the same pride and with deep roots—rural, struggling, idyllic in places and mostly ignored—was like a foreign country to me. I decided to travel the back roads for the pleasure of discovery—doing in my own country what I had spent most of my life doing in Africa and India and China—ignoring the museums and stadiums, the antebellum mansions and automobile plants, and, with the 50th anniversary of the civil rights struggle in mind, concentrating on the human architecture, in particular the overlooked: the submerged fifth."

Some updated photos of my Nahuatl Stool Project.